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Arbors - Pergolas - Houston, Texas
Arbors and Pergolas
Traditionally from the Mediterranean region where trained vines grow over these appealing structures to form a shaded and secluded space, modern pergolas are built using weather-resistant woods such as Teek, Cedar or Redwood. Our custom pergolas are designed to be effective in creating shade while still feeling open and welcoming. Integrating a pergola with a deck or covered patio can make a space more enjoyable, especially in the heat of Texas summers.

Per • go • la [ pur-guh-luh ]

[ Italian, from Latin pergula. ]

n. An overhead structure supported by posts that provide a shady retreat. The structure may be very simple in its design with very sparse overhead detail, or very dense with many layers of lattice work to provide maximum shade.

Ar • bor [ ahr-ber ]

[ Brittish, arbour. ]

n. Typically an Arbor is an entryway or passageway to a specific area– usually to a patio, deck, or garden. Like a pergola, it can support many varieties of plant life and the design options are infinite.

We design and build several different styles of Angular or Curved pergolas and arbors. We want our clients to be able to customize their arbor or pergola, and offer a variety of stains, paints and sealers. One of the eye catching details of an arbor or pergola is the scroll cut, this is the profile at the end of the ceiling joist. We have several to choose from and are confident we have one that will suit your needs. Whether on your deck or patio, these structures give you a great sense of seclusion, privacy and most of all, shade.

Pergola in houston texas What sets us apart

At Infinite Construction we like to incorporate beautiful curves and angles into our decks, arbors, pergolas, and other structural designs. We pride ourselves on being able to take on jobs that other company's can’t or wouldn’t know how to approach. The ability to achieve these complicated structural feats are what set us apart from the competition. There are a couple company's that can perform radial tasks, we are the only one that doesn’t add thousands to the price tag.


Decks, Arbors, Pergolas and Covered Patios
IC is a full-service construction company. We can also repair your existing arbors, decks, or covered patio. fencing, stain or paint existing structures.

Arbors and decks aren't all we do! We can also build or repair fencing, paint or stain an existing outdoor structure or complete just about any outdoor project you need assistance with.

We work on indoor projects as well: crown molding, wainscoting, cabinets as well as interior painting and staining.